tirsdag 20. januar 2009

Open House in Krefeld / kurs i Tyskland

Nå er vi godt i gang her nede, har hatt første kursdag med forskjellige feathers.

Today I have had my first class with Dawn Cavanaugh and we have learned different feathers. We have had a great day.

Open House 2009 015 (Small) Open House 2009 030 (Small)

Open House 2009 031 (Small)

Some examples of what we have learned.





As usual we get delicious lunchOpen House 2009 012 (Small)  prepared by Claudia and her staff.






Open House 2009 003 (Small)Claudia and Susanne.

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Ramona-quilter sa...

Merete, What a sonderful time you had with Claudia and Mark in Krefeld. Your feather practice is so beautiful. Thank you for posting such wonderful photos.
Linda in Ramona, CA, USA