lørdag 7. juni 2008

Open House by Claudia

Monday evening we left Norway for classes in Germany. Thirsday morning we went to Quilt und Co and met Claudia and her staff. Its always nice to come over there, they are so forthcoming.

The theme for our first class was feathers in borders and blocks. We met many from the last time in January and it was really nice to meet them again.

The theme for wednesday was "advanced feathers class". Its was really fun, and these is my results from the day:

After the classes on wednesday we went to a small town called Linn and to the Textil museum there, where it was a Amish Quilt exhibition. Sorry we was not allowed to take pictures there, sow many beautiful quilts with great handquilting (I realice that longarm quilting its more for me..). Afterwards we went to this beatiful castle:

And went to a restaurant nearby and had a wonderful meal (tooo much food...)

On thursday the theme was playing with rulers and stencils, and we had a new wonderful day with lots of fun. These is my results:

After classes we went to a chineese restaurant and had a great time:

And finally at Friday the theme was Threadpainting, I'm not finsihed with these projects so the results will come later...
We just have so great time so I definitely will come back next time in January!!!
I will also post more picture from the Open House on my web during the weekend.