tirsdag 30. juni 2009

Home again

The Open House in Krefeld is over for this time. It was so nice to meet both old friends and new one. I’m already planning my next trip:-)


Claudia and me in front of here last show quilt. She won several prices with this one.





We was playing with feather, my favorite in the class today:-)




Just palying and absolutely not finished:-)

3 kommentarer:

WendyJ sa...

Hi Merete,
Great to learn that you also had so much fun yesterday and the day before! I'm finding myself só full of ideas! I just tucked the kids in bed for their nap and now I'm going to ppp! Love, Wendy

Tidsfordriv sa...

Nydelig, jeg er helt imponert. Ikke rart at du har kost deg på kurs.

Elins systue sa...

Utrolig vakkkert teppe. Må være kunstner for å lage noe slikt