fredag 29. august 2008

Lonni Rossi Quilt

I have worked on my Lonni Rossi Quilt today, and think it looks great. The quilt is now almost halfway done.
Tomorrow I'm going to Nanna's Verksted in Fredrikstad with Lørenskog Quilteklubb, so probably I will not be able to do anything to the quilt, but maybe I will continue on sunday.
I have ordered some rulers from US I will use when I'm going to do the quilting. The rulers have been on the way over the ocean for almost a month now, I'm waiting....

3 kommentarer:

momtofatdogs sa...

What type of rulers are you waiting on? Are they specialty rulers or just plain gridded rulers for piecing?
I'm curious! Does it really take that long to have something mailed over seas from the U.S.?
Sam in Middle TN

Gudveig HN sa...

Spennende mønster! Det ser ut til å bli lekkert!


Blir kjempe flott:-)
Ha en fin og kreativ uke:-)